Friday Night Stuffed Flounder Special Featuring Garlic Scapes

This Friday Night we have planned a Seafood Lovers Delight

Fresh Flounder Filets Stuffed with Crab

and Served with a

Pasta Toss featuring Fresh Zucchini, Garlic Scapes, all in an Olive Oil Parmesan Cheese Sauce.

In addition, you also have a Side Salad of your Choice

What are What Are Garlic Scapes????

Garlic Scapes are the serpentine flower stems of the garlic plant. Traditionally farmers removed these to encourage larger bulb production. The garlic I grow here in Reedsville we allow the scape to remain on the plant. Yes, this does result in a slightly smaller bulb but gives added storage to the garlic thus allowing us to enjoy it into the early spring.

Garlic Scapes add a mild garlic flavor to our great local vegetable pasta