#foodfriday #housemadePasta

The making of fresh pasta, although thought to require a great amount of skill and energy, is without a doubt, one of the simplest dishes you can make in your kitchen. All with basic pantry staples and little expenditure of time. If you spend any amount of time discussing cooking with me, you will often hear me state that a dish was made for centuries by simple country cooks in stone floored kitchens with no modern conveniences, and pasta is one of these dishes.

The making of pasta runs through our collective history beginning most likely in the far east and traveling across the world. Some form of pasta can be found in almost every culture on the planet and is considered a key element within most cultures comfort food experience. Although pasta began as a simple working-class food, it has developed into a cornerstone of modern cooking and has often been elevated to the highest levels of refined culinary effort.

Pastas come to the table in many shapes and forms with the dried variety the most common, which is what’s found on our supermarket shelves. The fresh variety is not as common, although it can often be found featured on restaurant menus or tucked into the frozen food section of the market and if you are very lucky, at Nona’s house.

The making of fresh pasta is very simple and requires very little in the way of equipment. Frankly, a countertop or table to mix and roll on along with a simple rolling pin is the very basic of equipment required. Home pasta makers are popular with those who make fresh pasta often but is not a requirement. Fresh pasta is also quick to make and cooks much faster than dried pasta, making it a great option for the fast-paced life of our modern world.

Here at Stonefly Café, we have endeavored to provide fresh pasta to our customers whenever we can, and it is often featured as a special throughout the week. Our house made ravioli and tagliatelle have become customer favorites and recently, we have featured both ricotta dumplings and gnocchi that was served in a simple tomato pan sauce that has been a success as well.

Below I have included a basic pasta recipe for those who wish to give this simple dish a try. I look forward to hearing from each of you as to your success with this dish and your thoughts and personal stories concerning pasta. Comment below and let us know! 😊

Have a great #foodfriday

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