#winewednesday #hector’snectar

Hector’s Nectar is 100% Niagara. Niagara grapes are the leading green grapes grown in the United States. The fresh grape is large and juicy, round to oval-shaped, pale greenish-white in color and has a sweet, very pleasant aroma. This sweet flavor, is sometimes described as “foxy.” You could define “foxy” as a candied lemon rind, a Riesling-like diesel aroma, flowery jasmine-like notes, and some high-toned candied muskiness. A diesel aroma in wine is considered to be a positive attribute. The sweet flavor of Niagara grapes always takes you back to your childhood when you picked them from your Grandmother’s backyard. Some foods to pair with a Niagara wine would be steamed clams or mildly flavored cheeses like gouda.

Our Hector’s Nectar is a tribute to a good friend, Harold Heath. He was always there for us at Seven Mountains Winery anytime something, anything, needed done. He was a home winemaker, and Scott Bubb, our winemaker, was his mentor. Harold labeled all his homemade wine as “Hector’s Nectar” and hence where we got our name from. Unfortunately, he passed away last spring, and we created this sweet Niagara with the perfect way to forever remember him. We will never forget all he gave to the winery and consider him as a big part of our success.

Stop by the café this week to try our Hector’s Nectar.


#winewednesday #sevenmountainswine

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