Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!

Thought I would take a minute to speak to the gratitude I have toward the entire staff of Stonefly Café for their loyalty, enthusiasm, good humor, and outstanding work ethic throughout the past six months. Although many days have appeared dark and ominous, each member of our team has continued to work to maintain quality of service and product in an effort to meet the expectations of our loyal customers and at the same time exhibited remarkable adaptability within the challenges that we as an organization have been forced to address.

Jess Oburn, Alyssa McConahey, and Ellee Harpster, our front of house staff, have worked to meet our customers expectations while being short staffed due to our organizations financial realities associated with at first fifty percent occupancy and now twenty five percent occupancy as well as driving the development of a robust takeout business that has sustained us throughout the darkest of days. Sharon Paige, our prep cook has worked to scale our kitchen production to meet demand and at the same time totally eliminate all waste within kitchen operations thus allowing some level of profitability within the current reality and a foundational basis to our future success when we return to some level of normal operation. Sierra Hetrick, who manages our production line operation, and Stefan White, line cook, and Steve Bubb, line cook, have all continued to produce the highest level of food quality our customers expect while working very short staffed not only preparing our menu items but also washing the dishes and maintaining high levels of cleanliness and food safety levels assuring our customers health and safety.

Scott, Mary Ann, and I salute each of you for your hard work and tenacity under less than optimum circumstances.

Last but certainly not least, I personally thank each of you, our loyal customers, old friends, and new converts of Stonefly Café. Without you, we would not survive, and we appreciate your support more than any of you will ever know.

Although the future continues to be a bit of an unknown entity and no one can be assured of continued and future success but within the past few weeks we have seen increasing sales levels that has encouraged us to begin to think about our future and how we may grow our business. Jess and I plan to review and develop an enhanced cocktail menu that we hope will build a reputation for exceptional cocktails based on local distilled spirits, and scratch made mixers. In addition, we look hopefully toward a time when we can develop an outdoor kitchen concept at the main winery location to meet the food expectations of our customers at our flagship location.

Peace & Good Health,